ABL launches the premiere beekeeping e-newsletter

Over the past seven years, African Beekeepers Ltd has grown tremendously, with about 4,000 stakeholders (customers and partners). Our pool of existing customers and partners represents a diverse collection of capabilities and a unique opportunity for networking whether social or for business. Hence, we like to extend to you an invitation to stay engaged with African Beekeepers Ltd.

This e-newsletter will feature updates about our new programs and new partnerships, success stories from former beekeeping trainees, event information as well as industry related articles from apiculture industry. We have particularly designed the e-newsletter also as a platform for you to share updates about yourself or businesses or your invaluable views with us. . The interactions between African Beekeepers Ltd (e-bees) and its extended family of customers and partners will certainly go a long way to make African Beekeepers a vibrant organization/business that can provide the best possible beekeeping products and partner support experience.

Therefore, I humbly encourage all of you to make use of this platform to remain connected with us. Let me reiterate that we welcome all contributions so that we can make this e- newsletter a place for our collective voices. If you have articles you wish to share, please let us know.

If you miss an edition, you can catch up by visiting our website at www.africanbeekeepers.co.ke . Archives of our past e-newsletters will be made available for your convenient viewing.

Enjoy and we hope to hear from you soon.

Ernest Simeoni

Executive Director, e-bees Newsletter