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as well as planting Ginseng
'an known for the "rich star, often with the media to interview him. He lived in the ocean villa, bought 300 acres of land to the village, to engage in agricultural planting and breeding, and next plans to develop the cemetery,air jordan pas cher, nursing home, etc.. Last May, Xu Jianxin suddenly disappeared in Fuyang, a few months later, police arrested and brought to justice, he also carry a highly toxic pesticide, intend to commit suicide to escape punishment. He offered from the company to "rise" to maintain the operation of the funds from the loan sharks, the funds raised up to $ 1.04 more than billion. Before the incident caused the victim loss of more than 50 million yuan. Yesterday, Xu Jianxin, the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court for trial. The village emerge rich star Xu Jianxin, born in 1963,abercrombie, is the the Lin'an board Xiang beans Kawamura people, very few people know that in 1994 was sentenced to five years in prison for the production and sale of fake or substandard products. Media coverage Xu Jianxin set in 2004, a modern agricultural park "operating in the village,ヴィトン バッグ, raising rabbits, chicken, as well as planting Ginseng, Robinia and some of fruit trees. In 2007 and 2009,mercurial vapor pas cher, Xu Jianxin series of generous operation, has set up two registration funds for a Pro An Hongyu 5,000,000 Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and the Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Ding macro. For a time, Xu Jianxin became a celebrity, but we just do not understand where his wealth came out Last year, the police received a clue: Xu Jianxin offers multiple capital account, capital flows frequently, a huge amount, there is a suspicion of illegal deposits from the public. At this time, Xu Jianxin and hear the wind has absconded with money to Guangdong, Yunnan and other places, until September 21, 2010 in Fuyang was arrested and brought to justice. Why, even the Governor of the Bank repeatedly borrow money to him on July 1 this year, Hangzhou City Procuratorate Xu Jianxin prosecution on charges of changes to the financing fraud and additional crime of flight of capital contribution. Original, Xu Jianxin,louboutin, respectively inject 500 million to set up two companies are shell companies, after registration is completed, the funds are siphoned,ラルフローレン, diverted for other purposes. Course of business activities, he has to ecological Cemetery, nursing home and other construction projects need funds under the guise of a monthly interest rate of 2 to 15 points of high interest rates as bait, illegal fund raising to 48 victims 10405 million yuan. To before the incident,louboutin, the deduction of the seized property, caused losses totaling more than 5081 million victims. "I have repeatedly lend money to Xu Jianxin, the monthly interest rate of 3 points (ie, 10,000 yuan of interest year 3600)." 陆某 is a bank Xiasha Branch President after the incident 陆某 said he and Xu four or five years ago to build a new understanding and better relations. In addition to the Governor of the Bank,mercurial, including the Dongducheon the village party secretary and 20 villagers are rushing to borrow money to Xu Jianxin, Xu Jianxin commitment to the interest paid to the other 9 points (from 1 point (12% per annum) per annum up to 108% interest a year more than doubled the principal). The prosecutors Why concluded that he allegedly financing fraud press charges when the previous approval of arrest, Xu Jianxin illegal Xichu a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, the given financing fraud that Xu Jianxin could be sentenced to life in prison. Appear in court accused prosecutors that the defendant Xu Jianxin at the same time for the purpose of illegal possession,air jordan, used to conceal the truth of the ability to perform, the fictional capital purposes, the use of high interest as bait, "after the account is also a former account by means of fraud to non-specific illegal public funds, illegal fund used to maintain the cost of crime, restitution debt,burberry, illegal activities, squandering activities and absconded with money, eventually leading to the others especially huge property losses, and their behavior has been suspected of financial fraud. Court, no court of first instance verdict.


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